Where Did Our Love Go?

I brought this up on “Q with a View” last night, and it stuck with me, so I thought I’d flesh it out a bit in writing.

One of the themes heading into 2015 was what a strong bench the GOP had (compared to the Democrats.)  Ultimately 17 candidates threw their hat into the race:

  • 5 former Governors
  • 4 sitting Governors
  • 4 sitting Senators
  • 1 former Senator
  • 1 World-renowned Neuro Surgeon
  • 1 Former Fortune 100 CEO
  • 1 Billionaire Businessman/Reality TV Show Star

They were geographically diverse (with solid ties to NY, FL, VA, NJ, WI, MI, AR, LA, KY, TX, CA, SC, PA & OH).  They were demographically diverse (2 Hispanic candidates, 1 African American, 1 Indian, 1 woman, and, as my co-host Jason Dibler rightly noted, age-diverse, ranging from age 44 to age 7o).

Now, personally, I’d submit that this was a decent lot.  However, ‘twould seem that familiarity breeds contempt; and if it doesn’t, preference for one often leads to it as to others. But assuming, as some contend, that this roster constitutes a sorry gaggle, I must ask: Who wouldn’t/doesn’t?  Who fits the bill in terms of not being a lousy candidate for President?




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