Echoes: One Voice

Four years ago this morning, I learned of Andrew Breitbart’s passing.  It was a gut punch – or, really, a heart punch – to me.  I know I was far from alone in that.  

As we make our way through Super Tuesday, 2016, an election season like no other, I can’t help but wonder what our #HappyWarrior would be thinking of it all – what sort of fun he’d be having, even in the face of all the anger and frustration many are feeling – and voicing – these days. I can’t help but picture him with a gleam in his eye, bounding up onto a stage somewhere – CPAC, a beleaguered politician’s press conference – wherever he went, Andrew always seemed to bound.  

In his far too short life, he helped many of us find our “voice.”  And, in that way, his one voice continues to echo.  Still, it is missed.  He is missed.

Video Credit: Rick Hornsby 


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