Q with a View – The Radio Show!

 A little late in posting this here, but for those of my readers who don’t already know, my good friend Josh Gillespie has hung up his broadcasting cleats — for the time being, anyway — and handed the Tuesday night 9pm Eastern time slot over to yours truly.   So now, “Q with a View” – the radio show – is a thing.  We’ve aired three episodes thus far — and had some great guests, including Brad Essex of The Essex Blog and Red State, Cecilia S. Johnson of Hood Cons & Duane Lester of The Missouri Torch and All American Blogger.  

I aim to be writing more here shortly, but in the interim, if you’re interested in listening to previous shows, be sure to check them out here:


Q with a View – Episode 1 – The Debut! – 1-7-14

Q with a View – Episode 2 – Guests: Brad Essex & Cecilia S. Johnson – 1-14-14

Q with a View – Episode 3 – Guest: Duane Lester – 1-21-14

I *think* these will also be available on iTunes at some point – working on that.  Anyway, give a listen when you can, please!



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