The Libertarian Streak is Strong with This One

Upon recent reflection, I’ve come to the realization that, since 1980, I’ve been in opposition to our Commander in Chief for all but nine of those years.  (And even that’s being generous.)  By “in opposition” I mean either I didn’t vote for said office holder, or found myself becoming increasingly disenchanted with same to the point of disagreeing with his policies more often than agreeing with them.  If one were to do the math on that, one might wonder how that could be, given that a Democrat has held the office for thirteen of those years, and a Republican for twenty of them.  Well, that’s because my views have evolved over the years, and the opposition hasn’t strictly been along party lines.  In truth, I do believe I’m an anti-authoritarian.  Especially in the economic and social realm.  I’ve taken to describing myself as “Fiscally conservative, socially moderate, with libertarian leanings.”  I’m beginning to think that’s too wordy, and the leanings are no longer just that.  



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