Turning Wonderful into Ugly

I’ve lately been rather upset with myself for my lack of blogging.  I hit upon some inspiration, but then talk myself out of actually writing up something on it because I don’t have enough time, or I have other things that need tending to first.  Well, congratulations to Joan Walsh.  Her decision to take a happy, uplifting story and turn it into something dark and twisty has spurred me to take the last few minutes of my lunch hour and actually write something about it.

Though I’m rather loathe to link to it, I’m referring to this story.  I must acknowledge it was @JamesTaranto ‘s tweet which first drew my attention to it:

The first thing I noticed after my semi-reluctant click is that the headline of the piece doesn’t even match the actual URL.  The headline reads: “The Story Bigots Hate: Antoinette Tuffs Courage.”  The URL reads: “the_story_the_right_hates_antoinette_tuffs_courage.”  Yes.  You read that correctly.   Apparently, the original title of Walsh’s piece was “The Story The Right Hates….”  I suppose in Walsh’s world, “the right” and “bigots” are interchangeable.

The story itself highlights Ms. Tuff’s bravery and heroism in talking Michael Brandon Hill down as he initiated a shooting spree at Ronald McNair Discovery Learning Center in Decatur, GA, this past Tuesday.  That no one was shot or killed in this incident is nothing short of a miracle.   And Ms. Tuff’s story truly is inspiring.  She is to be lauded for this by all — perhaps most of all, Mr. Hill.

To take her story and attempt to twist it into a weapon to use against “the right” is despicable.  Are there actual bigots out there who might find offense in the notion of a black woman bravely saving the life of an armed white man?  If there are, I don’t know them.  Nor would I ever want to.  Those who would take a wonderful story such as this and turn it ugly to advance their own political agenda?  Yeah, they’re not real high on my list of folks I’d care to know either. 

God bless Antoinette Tuff.


Credit: ABC News photo




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