Gillespie – Episode 27

On this week’s episode of Gillespie, Josh and I speak with Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity about their latest ad campaigns and state initiatives – great stuff! 

Then we’re joined by All American Blogger, Duane Lester, to talk about the Todd Akin situation, what lies ahead for Missouri, and what it feels like to be bumped for  Piers Morgan.  Oh, my akin heart.  Errrr….head.  Errrr….both.

Listen to Season 2, Episode 27!


Latest Episode of Gillespie

Click here to listen to Season 2, Episode 26 of Gillespie: Click!  In which Josh and I chat with Wisconsinitonian Sean Hackbarth about the Ryan selection, the Packers and Rush (the band, not the man).  We also chat with Seth Morgan of AFP-Ohio and Patrick Werner of AFP-Missouri re: the “Has Brown Worked for You?” and “No Mo Spending!” campaigns.  Lots of good stuff!!  


My Latest Adventures in Radio-Land

I’ve been so busy talking of late, I’ve been neglecting my writing.  I’ll get back to it soon, I promise (because I know it’s sorely missed.  Or, at least, I miss doing it!)  But for now, here are two more podcasts to share:

Season 2, Episode 25 of Gillespie:  Josh, Mark and I spoke with Mike Pence (next Governor of Indiana), Richard Mourdock (next Senator from Indiana) and Pete Seat of the Indiana State GOP.  Even though I’m not a hoosier, I really enjoyed our interviews with each of these fine gentlemen.  Indiana has every right to be proud!  Don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST on for the latest episodes!

He Said, She Said: I was honored to be a guest on “He Said, She Said” with Stacy Washington and Demetrius Minor.  Their show description: “Have you ever wondered what Black Conservatives think about the political issues of today?  Well wonder no more, “He Said, She Said” with Demetrius and Stacy. brings you an inner peek into the mind of the conservative, bold, full strength, and unfiltered.  Prepare to enjoy yourself.”  I followed the inimitable Larry O’Connor on this episode, where we discussed the Priorities USA Action ad attempting to link Mitt Romney to a woman’s death from cancer, Harry Reid’s tax return accusations, Romney’s likely VP selection, and whether liberals’ minds can ever be changed.  (Hint: I’m living proof, the answer is  “Yes!”)

Why Chick-Fil-A Gets My Vote Today

I don’t like chicken all that much. I will eat it, but it is not my first food (or fast food) of choice. Also, I am often lazy when it comes to food. What that translates into is the fact that, prior to this week, I’d never been to Chick-Fil-A. The two closest to me are still 5-7 miles away, and there are plenty of other fast food places in between.

Still, I’ve always heard good things about their food, and I’ve admired the fact that they’ve made a point to build their business around their Christian values, and not been shy about acknowledging that. I am a Christian, and I understand Biblical teaching re: the issue of marriage. I understand the moral arguments for and against gay marriage. At various times, I’ve made both. Legally-speaking, I cannot reconcile a state (or any government) granting marriage licenses — and the legal privileges that come with them — for heterosexual unions, but not for homosexual ones. IF a state allows civil unions or domestic partnerships that afford the same legal privileges, then fine.

I think the fight to legally define “marriage” is a lose-lose. I resent those pushing to redefine it and the use of this issue to bash Christianity. I resent those who use the issue as an excuse to gay bash. As far as I’m concerned “marriage” is between you,  your partner and your God, god or non-god, whatever the case may be. The state  should stay the hell out of it.

I don’t share Dan Cathy’s views on the matter exactly. But I support the hell out of his right to hold them and express them. And I support the hell out of the right of those who disagree to not frequent his company and to express their disagreement. What I do NOT support is Tom Menino or Rahm Emanuel or the mayor of any city declaring that they will not allow a business to set up shop in their city because of their views. Their VIEWS.

So, with that said, I made a point to stop by Chick-Fil-A Monday evening and grab dinner. And it was pretty good. Not great, because, as I said, I’m not that big a fan of chicken. But good. The waffle fries were excellent. I hesitated on going today because of Mike Huckabee’s involvement with it. I cannot stand Mike Huckabee. I loathe the man. But…I loathe the idea of infringing on free speech more. So, I had myself some Chick-Fil-A for breakfast this morning — their bacon, egg & cheese sammich and hash browns are pretty damn good!

Gillespie – Episode 23

So, I have a regular radio gig these days.  Here was my official debut – featuring a fantastic interview of Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, another great interview with “Fast & Furious” author, Katie Pavlich, and a rabble rousing political round table between Thomas LaDuke, Mark Warner, American Majority’s Raz Shafer and yours truly — all from Smart Girl Summit 2012.  Click and have a listen: