Furiouser and Furiouser

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that, like many, I’ve been following the Fast and Furious story only as a casual observer. I was generally familiar with the concerns raised about it, and I knew that Brian Terry was thought to have been murdered as a result of it. I knew that Congressman Darrell Issa was spearheading a Congressional investigation into the fiasco, and that Attorney General Eric Holder appeared to be stonewalling.  When Katie Pavlich’s book came out, I purchased a copy for my Kindle, but had only made it through the first chapter.  

Last week, when the White House announced that President Obama would be invoking Executive Privilege to shield some of the documents requested on the eve of the vote by Committee to hold Eric Holder in contempt, my interest was officially piqued.  I was invited by @BakedFlounder at Radio214.com to be on her show and discuss this sudden invocation of privilege and the ramifications of it. You can find that interview here.  

Since then, I’ve finished Pavlich’s book, and I keep finding myself digging further and further into the story — not just the operation, but the apparent cover-up which has followed.  And, in turn, I keep finding myself getting more and more furious about it.  I woke up an hour early this morning, mind racing, thinking primarily about this story.  And I felt compelled to post this and use it as a repository for pertinent information I come across as this story continues to unfold.  I won’t even begin to be able to scratch the surface of it here, I realize.  But at least I won’t just be a casual observer anymore. 

Anyway, for starters, my friend Jimmie Bise, Jr., authored an excellent piece on the scandal last week: Brian Williams and the Fast and Furious Shame Brigade.

I have some interesting articles bookmarked at work discussing Executive Privilege, and I’ll be adding those later, along with my thoughts on them as they relate to the current situation.  I don’t think this story is going to go away.  And it shouldn’t. As I said after finishing Pavlich’s book:  Heads need to roll.  


Update: And already, a need to update — read this great piece by Matthew Boyle at the Daily Caller for the latest from Issa.  

Update 2:  Two more great discussions of Executive Privilege by Mark Levin and Ken Klukowski . 

Also, this CRS Report contains a very thorough discussion of the privilege and pertinent case law. 

Two key cases on Executive Privilege:  U.S. v. Nixon  and In re: Sealed Case (a/k/a “Espy”)

I’m still working through a lot of this in my head, and there are legal scholars with considerably more expertise than me on this issue who have already weighed in – so I don’t want to belabor the point.  But as it stands now, I do not see this as a winning stance for the Administration.  Bargaining chip?  Possibly. Delay tactic?  Yes. 

I certainly hope Issa and Grassley and the others bull-dogging this keep at it. 


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