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It’s probably obvious to anyone who regularly reads my blog, but I consider myself a writer first and foremost (in the conserva-blogosphere, that is — in life, I am first and foremost a mom — followed by a few other odd assortments.)  A fledgling writer/blogger, no doubt.  But it is something I love — and often feel compelled — to do. 

Recently, I was invited to be a guest on  @BakedFlounder was gracious enough to invite me on to talk with her about an assortment of topics:  Cory Booker’s walkback of his defense of private equity and Bain Capital, Marco Rubio’s prospects at the VP nod (and why some claim he may not be eligible), Hustler’s nasty knock on SE Cupp and her classy response thereto, and the one year anniversary of Weinergate.  Wanted to be sure to include a link to that here:  Radio214 Podcast

Not long after that, @JohnG405 of The 405 Live — a Saturday morning internet radio program — invited me on as his guest to talk a little about my background, my encounter with Mitt Romney last week, and my thoughts in general about how things are shaping up in this more-important-than-ever election year.  Here’s a link to that, as well: SmoosieQ on The 405 Live – 6-9

My thanks again to Baked Flounder and John Grant for having me on their shows.  I still think of myself as a writer/blogger, but very much appreciate the opportunity to add my voice (literally) to the fray, as well!


One thought on “Recent Podcasts/Interviews

  1. This is a nice web-page, I tried one a couple of years ago, but got hacked while using Facebook. Lost my internet address, too..So, I just wrote to local newspapers and developed rapport with the editors during that time. I was even awarded a quarterly column at one daily.

    The drawback writing letters is the monthly restrictions. The positive is that your thoughts are printed for anyone to read. What I also like is I am not under pressure to write when I don’t have a good feeling about an issue or too many others are already expressing how I feel about that issue.Therefore, I just pick spots to interject a comment or write something..

    Now, using Twitter, I can write something short to see what kind of a reaction I get.

    My two favorite publications to make extended comments on are Townhall & Frontpage Magazines. David Horowitz’ sites were my first choice when I first started using the internet 4 years ago. My commenting name is Carterthewriter. That’s also my wordpress moniker.

    Well, good luck helping us fight the socialist that want to steal our freedoms.

    John C. Davidson

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