Damn Straight

Collecting my rant from this morning and putting it all together, here:

Friends know I have a penchant for making political predictions. It’s a silly exercise, but something I enjoy doing, so…I do it. Whether it’s about a particular primary, the general, or even SCOTUS decisions, I like to see if my read — of people & their predilections — is on the mark. That’s primarily about my my own ego if I’m being perfectly honest. But there’s also comfort to be had in finding your reads confirmed – makes the world a bit less scary, I suppose.

So, long, long ago, I sized up the 2012 Presidential race and the likely GOP candidates, and, no matter how I sliced it, couldn’t shake the sense that, in the end, it would be Romney. For multiple reasons.  To me this was not a horrifying thought. I supported him in 2008 once Thompson bowed out and, though I can find fault with him in many ways & would prefer a more ideologically pure conservative candidate, I can live with him.

I kept an open mind re: some of the other candidates, but none of them stepped up and persuaded me they had what it took to win this thing in November. And, as far as I’m concerned, that is the NUMBER ONE thing. You can squawk at me for that and wag your finger at me for not fighting hard enough for the conservative cause. Fine.

I resigned myself to Romney as the nominee months ago. Which was tough at times in light of the many people whom I greatly admire and respect who’ve repeatedly expressed their disdain or even disgust with Romney. I realized getting personally/emotionally invested in him at this stage would not be wise. So I tuned out most of the negativity and even pledged myself not to snark about the other candidates. I have no desire to alienate friends/allies. I realized that it would take awhile for many of them to come to terms with Romney. Didn’t feel me attempting to force feed him to others was a wise idea either.

But a very dear friend commented this morning that Rubio, in endorsing Romney, appeared more interested in winning than in the candidate. And my reaction to that was an immediate “Damn straight!” Not because I don’t care about the conservative cause or electing good, strong conservative candidates. But because I care about this country, as a whole, and I cannot stand the thought of the current occupant of the WH being given 4 more years to continue doing the damage he’s doing. And he’s doing a great deal of it.

But wanna know what focuses me in on the need to WIN this November more than anything?  Go here: http://t.co/2aPPJt9L and look at the current justices. Note by whom they were appointed. Note their respective ages and who’s likely to be replaced sometime before 2016. Think about the arguments before them we all heard/listened to this week.  And ask yourself this: Who do you want appointing 2 or 3 or 4 of their replacements?  I’ll take Romney any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Obama. So…do I care more about winning than who the actual candidate is in this election?  DAMN. STRAIGHT.


One thought on “Damn Straight

  1. John C. Davidson says:

    After myh divorcde I wrote over a thousand random thoughts. The I found out Dr. Thomas Soswell did the same thing, putting most in the back of his books. Now, LOng Ridge Writing instructor told me to catogorize them. That’s a pain in the ass. I read them once in a while. Good for a laugh when I can visualize why I wrote what I did. Others don’t have thagt opportunity so why waste my time.

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