My Letter to Nancy Brinker & Komen

Dear Ms. Brinker:

It has been years since I have donated to your cause or participated in the annual Race for the Cure here in St. Louis, due in large part to your association with Planned Parenthood.  Your cause is about saving lives.  While I recognize that there are other health services provided by Planned Parenthood beyond abortion, their continued commitment to ending the lives of innocent children is repugnant and morally unacceptable.  Frankly, it sickens me.

That is why I applauded the decision made earlier this week by Komen to cease funding Planned Parenthood.  That is why I happily donated $50 to your organization just this morning — to applaud your decision and show my support for the good work you do.  Now I read that you are walking back this decision.  And I am at a loss.  I feel like I have been hoodwinked.  My principles have been co-opted by your erratic decision-making.  To say I am disappointed is an understatement. 

I hope the abortion advocate dollars are worth it.  Mine certainly won’t be directed to Komen in the future.


Update:  Jill Stanek’s takes on these latest developments is worth a read, as well.  I have a follow-up blog jumping around my brain on knee-jerk decisions, ideological purity and whether there is some bad that no amount of good can ever outweigh…


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