I’ll See Your Pious Baloney and Raise You a Demagogic Cow Patty!

Thought maybe I’d string my rant from earlier today together into a mini-blog post: 

So…I’m a reluctant Romney supporter at best. I did support him in 2008, and have since remained firmly in the “I Don’t Hate Him” Camp, while many whom I respect have expressed hatred and disdain for the thought of him as the nominee. 

I’ve not felt compelled to jump to his defense every time something negative is uttered about him. A lot of the criticism is valid. And he’s a big boy in a big game. I have at times found my own reasons to criticize him — the stupid bet comes readily to mind. There was also a time recently where he was reported to have hit below the belt on Newt (drawing a blank on what it was) & I immediately denounced him, only to learn later that he hadn’t said what he was accused of saying. 

I’ve given fair consideration to most of the other candidates. I kept hoping one would jump out – become the stand out – become the one I could happily back. But none of them have. As I stated last week, I still reserve the right to embrace Perry – I really WANTED him to step up in this. But I’m not holding my breath. 

That said – what I’m reading the past day or two has me positively shaking my head. Go after them all on their negatives. God knows, they have plenty. Any non-conservative or un-principled stances they’ve taken, give ’em hell. But to go after ANY of the candidates by adopting the liberal premise that capitalism and/or financial success is evil is ridiculous. Are you going to make that argument in the General, as well? How are you going to fight Obama with your newly adopted liberal talking points? Let me know how that works for ya. Okay. I’m done.


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